Whatabout - Future of Brands Online Conference

Whatabout: Future of Brands Online Conference

'Whatabout: Future of Brands' is an online conference about the new digital reality in design, visual and brand communications. Speakers will talk, discuss, and discover the good and the bad side of today's and tomorrow's digital world.

Speakers include Paula Scher, Pentagram; Mirko Borsche, Bureau Borsche; Eike K?nig, Hort; Anfi Sa, Super an der Spree; Liu Zhao, Another Lab; Yaroslav Serdyuk, Banda; Cameron-James Wilson, The Diigitals; Andreas L?ufer, MetaDesign Berlin; and Vova Smirnov & Nastya Zherebetska, Spiilka.

more: whatabout.digital (77)

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